New Directions in teaching Statistics

Workshop 1

Kiwi Kapers

Statistical literacy

SOLO taxonomy

An article from Mindfoof that might be useful for stats report evaluation - not much stats but could drill down into it

Workshop 2


Exploring data

Second tier material (Teaching and learning guides)

A site with lots of links for statistics

CensusAtSchool Many resources for a full and stimulating journey through the PPDAC cycle.
Click here the informal inference talks from Chris Wild of Auckland University.

Surveys Web based survey generating tool from Auckland University. Students create their own questions with different options for multi-choice or numerical responses.

Statistics Videos A range of videos from Otago University with a variety of researchers explaining how they use statistics in their work. Includes datasets suitable for senior students.

Statistics NZ Government agency with specific school targeted resources. SURFs are particularly good.

GAPMINDER This web resource allows a dynamic exploration of social statistics using graphing software developed by Hans Rosling.
Click here to watch one of his fantastic lectures.

AIMS Statistics resource materials that rely on Fathom software.

Google public data explorer
makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate

Baby voyager Allows exploration of changing popularity of baby names in the USA since late 19th Century. Analyse by name, individual state, income, …

Youth statistics

Professional development resources

GAISE This book – Guidelines for assessment and instruction in statistics education – covers Year 1 to Year 13 statistics and gives good examples of how to progress students in statistical thinking. It was written under the auspices of the American Statistical Association.

CAUSE Variety of resources aimed at the undergraduate level that would also be useful for teachers of senior secondary statistics students. Webinars link is especially useful for teachers interested in the latest research in statistics education.