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University entrance

The new UE requirement stuff is up on the web now..
Consultation is open until 6 December and the outcome will be announced before the end of 2010.

Achievement standards

Here is the matrix for level 1, 2, and 3 proposed standards

Standards Matrices have been updated to include the official standard number – but please note that the official standards will not be available until registered on the Directory of Assessment Standards by NZQA in December.

Unit standards

Current unit standards and proposed changes:

Current unit standards and proposed changes (including replacement information and proposed expiry dates spreadsheets) have been updated.The Level 1 information is close to final and Level 2 and 3 information will be finalised as the review progresses. This is the link for the standards exclusion list:

Calculators and the realigned standards

There have been some questions about the situation regarding calculators in assessments for the realigned standards at level one. This is the situation:

Draft level one external tasks

Level 2 Standards consultation

Submissions can be made online at
Paper submissions will also be accepted.
Level two standards and rationale are online at:
You can feedback on what you like as well as suggestions for changes.