Senior teaching guides

the first part of the mathematics and statistics teaching guides (ie second tier material) is due to be up on the web in July.

Draft activities from the senior teaching guides:

These activities have been written to support teaching and learning aligned to the achievement objectives of the NZC. They are in draft form - feedback would be appreciated. Please contact Pip Arnold ( with any comments

Mathematics activities

starting off the year

Graphing level 6

Statistics activities Level 6

Modelling level 7

statistics investigation level 7

Probability level 8


The AOs in detail

These are the summarised version of the AOs with indicators for level 6.Note that these are in draft form so send any feedback/suggestions to

Presentation from the writing group

Powerpoint summarsing progress of the group working on the senior subject guides in maths/stats

second tier material for clarifying NZC

National Numeracy standards for years 1-8 Feedback from National Standards consultation (including a large word document) can be found on the Ministry's website at: