Numeracy requirements

The matrix of achievement standards across all subjects and which count for numeracy or literacy

Numeracy Unit standards course

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The new Numeracy Unit standards

There are three new unit standards for each of Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy from the Work and Study Skills domain available for assessment from 2011. They have been registered and are available on the NZQA website.
The standards are:
Literacy - Unit standards 26622, 26624, 26625
Numeracy - Unit standards 26623, 26626, 26627

Note: NCEA Level 1 literacy or numeracy – for these unit standards, students need to have achieved all 3 standards in either literacy and/or numeracy – 10 credits. These unit standards cannot be combined with other current unit standards or current or new achievement standards for level 1 literacy or numeracy.

Link to the standards themselves

FAQ about numeracy

A. What would happen to students who used the current numeracy pathway in 2011 and didn't meet requirements by the 31 Dec 2011? Would they then have to start afresh with either of the new pathways?

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Yes, they will have to start afresh with the new pathway. From 2012, all students will need to achieve numeracy through either the new numeracy unit standards or through the achievement standards across the curriculum as listed in SecQual S2010/017. The credits gained will still contribute to the overall 80 credits for NCEA, but not the Numeracy requirements in 2012."

B. What are the ‘normal assessment rules’? Are they relevant with the new unit standards?
One opportunity for re-assessment... relevant for providing evidence... portfolio evidence can be gathered a second time

C. Can calculators (including CAS) be used in the new numeracy unit standards? Is this true for all the internal standards? What about the external standards?
Any calculators (including CAS) may be used in internals unless prohibited in the standard itself (e.g. US 20659 Demonstrate basic algebra skills). The new CAT assessment does not allow calculators of any kind. All other new externals allow use of calculators including graphics calculators, that are non-CAS. (As is currently the case for externals).
At present NZQA has a list of prohibited (i.e. CAS) calculators // ). It is our intention to replace this for next year with a permitted list instead. This will not change which calculators may be used, but it will tell teachers and students positively which calculators are OK rather than the reverse.

D. Will 2012 be a transition year for level 2 in the same way that next year is for level 1? In 2011, we can use the ‘old’ level 1 unit standards. In 2012, can we use the ‘old’ level 2 unit standards?

E. Think of a year 11 student who does the ‘old’ unit standards in 2011 and gets 8 numeracy credits that way, but doesn’t get NCEA 1. Then in 2012 she is trying to finish off her NCEA 1. She satisfied numeracy for the old system which was ok in 2011 as transition year, but has she satisfied requirements for Numeracy or does she need to start again?
Once the numeracy flag is ticked, it stays ticked so if a student has achieved the numeracy requirement in 2011 they have achieved it for 'life' - ie that NZQA systems will record numeracy requirement as Achieved, even if NCEA Level 1 is not claimed in that year. This marker stays on the record so when the student achieves 80 Level 1 credits (perhaps in 2012 or 2013) this will still be accepted by the system.
F. Do you know where the level one unit standards that are being retained (algebra (5223), trig (5236) and the measurement one which is 2 unit standards combined) will actually sit on the framework come 2012? Core Generic , work and study or what? Can these count for numeracy?
The combined unit standards (20662/20663) will be in domain Measurement, 5223 will be in Algebra, and 5236 will be in Trigonometry. They do not count for numeracy

Resources for Numeracy

Resources to help teachers with Numeracy and Literacy are now up on the NZQA site. Go to the subject specific pages and scroll down ... It is just under the last subject "visual arts' on the left menu - Literacy and Numeracy - Level 1
It may be simplest to bookmark this page:

There are a number of resources that have been put together to support teachers with the numeracy unit standards on this page. They are being updated by NZQA and the final versions should be ready before the end of this year.

A powerpoint to show the whole staff to explain numeracy requirements across the curriculum. This powerpoint would be useful for staff dept meeting

An outline of possible course for group of students working at curriculum level 4 along with three suggested contexts for learning.

A good starting context is 'Getting to know ourselves'. From this, teachers can collect information about individual students interests, subjects, other opportunities for gathering evidence for the numeracy standards.

The sports team as a context focuses on students developing a training programme for a sports group.

Students may be interested in rising crime in their community.

Recording the evidence

Portfolios (both electronic and hard copy) will be an important tool for gathering evidence - see the NZQA site for examples of templates you may find useful for recording and tracking student progress.

Clarification documents