Establish needs - Self review to gauge needs of self and dept
Develop understanding of A,M,E distinctions and SOLO taxonomy
Consider implications for teaching and learning

Homework tasks:

onsider implications for teaching and learning Use the ‘Carbon Offsets’ task with year 10 students
• Discuss with department:
What do we need to do to enable students to engage with these new tasks?
• Be prepared to report back at next workshop
• Use the ‘Get Online’ task to generate graphs to bring to Workshop 2



• Review workshop one
• Statistics and Informal inference
• Develop understanding of A,M,E distinctions for AS 1.10
• Consider implications for teaching and learning

Chris WIld's video

Word problems
This is an article that details an effective approach to supporting students to tackle word problems effectively

Homework tasks:
  • Complete one statistical enquiry with one class at Year 10 or 11, involving sampling.
  • Share with department
  • Discuss student responses
  • Discuss implications for years 9 and 10 teaching/learning programme.



· Develop understandings of the new numeracy and literacy unit standards
· Discuss courses and other standards accessible to students

Below are a number of resources that have been put together to support teachers with the numeracy unit standards.
The numeracy unit standards are based on the adult learning progressions for numeracy


A powerpoint to show the whole staff to explain numeracy requirements across the curriculum:

this SecQual gives the latest information from NZQA on numeracy requirements and standards
An outline of possible course for group of students working at curriculum level 4, and three units of work.

A suggested approach to recording evidence

Information to clarify the numeracy unit standards



Self review to gauge progress and identify next steps for self and dept
Plan schemes of work for 2011, focusing on years
11 but looking ahead to years 12 and 13 and looking back to years 9 and 10
Explore and develop rich tasks as resources for teaching/learning and assessment